Our mission

Our mission:

To transform cancer care for the LGBTQ2+ community by improving research, resources, and support for patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

What we do:

  • Collate and share resources and information through our database, blogs and social media 
  • Source and provide education for healthcare professionals to support affirming care 
  • Curate stories and first person accounts from LGBTQ2+ patients and carers
  • Provide organizational consultancy and education in LGBTQ2+ oncology care
  • Research into LGBTQ2S+ cancer experience and improving care 

How you can help:

  • Donate and support our work!
  • Contact us to talk about educational development, presentations or research collaborations
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Images on this site gratefully sourced from the Gender Spectrum collection (Zackary Druker). Additional images from AllGO, Sharon McCutcheon, Stanley Dai & Shane (all Unsplash).