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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Queering Cancer website is not a place to get medical advice. If you need advice on cancer or any other health condition, please talk to your health care team.


Queering Cancer (the Website) and its users (You/Your) need to be aware of the need to protect personal information. As this website offers you the ability to upload content, the Website will store and share personal information. Sharing information is the nature of this Website and a primary reason it exists.


Private and/or identifiable information that could be shared on the Website includes: face, name, health record information, emotional and mental health information and more. Information on Your health professional, spouses, partners, friends and caregivers could also be shared.


While the Website team will review all submitted content (through our Contact Us page) and moderate the Website’s Community page, we cannot guarantee sensitive personal information is not over shared. By using the Website, You agree to self-moderate and filter out Your personal information and the personal information of Your health professional, spouses, partners, friends and caregivers.


Using an alias and avatar (that is not your actual photo) are two ways to de-identify. Using fake names of your health professional, spouses, partners, friends and caregivers is also recommended.


By using this Website, its submission features, Community pages and social media, you accept this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the Website.


If private information is to be shared in a publication, such as a feature story or widely shared business report, we will collect formal written approval from the individual (using either the Client’s or our own consent forms) prior to publication in print or online.

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