A Young Adult Cancer Diagnosis

Stewart was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia as a young adult.  In this story from Trekstock they talk about the lack of resources available to LGBTQ+ people and how this spurred them to found a peer support group for other LGBT patients (which developed into the UK charity Live Through This).

When I went looking for that support however, I was disappointed to see almost nothing out there for LGBT patients. I came out at 13, so I grew up queer and as a result, the world I’ve built around me reflects that. But all of the LGBT cancer forums online seemed empty and when I went into cancer centres I saw hundreds of faces smiling back from the leaflets along the wall, but none of them looked like me or my friends. I remember picking up a leaflet about sexuality once, but it was only about heterosexual sex. I gave up on looking for LGBT leaflets after that.