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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is this page?

This is the Queering Cancer database search page. The page shows a number of search entry forms and drop down fields. If no search terms are entered, the most recently added information resources from the Queering Cancer database are shown. The entries on this page are sorted with most recently updated entries shown first. Scroll down to the bottom to see links to older entries.


What does ‘free search’ mean?

Entering any text here will search all entries for any occurrences of that text in the title or description, and display those records.


What am I seeing in the drop down lists?

Each list displays the pre-entered categorizations for Content Type, Audience, Cancer and Phase (of cancer journey). The Tags drop down is a ‘catch all’ for commonly searched terms using hashtags (#).

Note that each drop down list is in descending order of how frequently the term is used in the database. For example, ‘Website’ is first in the ‘Content Type’ field because there are more entries of this type than any other.


Why do drop down lists change as I fill them in?

When combining search terms, the form uses an ‘.AND.’ boolean search construct. Therefore if you search for ‘Twitter’ in the ‘Content Type’ drop down then only those entries with links to Twitter account or tweets will be available for the other search terms. So, in this example, if there are no Twitter-related entries for the ‘Gay’ audience, you will not be able to select ‘Gay’ from the Audience drop down (it simply won’t show as a drop down option).


Can I restart my search from scratch?

Yes! Click/tap the ‘Reset Search Form’ link and the page will reload with no search terms selected.


Does the page remember my searches?

If you do a search, then click on a link to a resource, that resource page will display. To return to the search with your terms ‘remembered’, click back in your browser and those terms and search results will still be there.


What happens if I know of an existing resource but don’t see it in your database?

You can help us out! Fill in the information on the Queering Cancer Contact page, select ‘Information Resource’ and hit submit. We’ll take a look at the content and add to our database if aligned with the project purpose and our community’s needs.