Live through this provider pack (free)

Live Through This is the UK’s only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity and they created this provider pack, which combines some of their core training and information, so that everyone can begin to improve the LGBTIQ+ inclusivity of their local services.

This pack should be considered as a whole, but they support individual pages being displayed internally to improve staff awareness. For example, it may benefit your team(s) to have the glossary to hand or to display the pronoun guide on your notice board. It is intended to improve awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues in cancer and its treatment, and how we as individuals and organisations can work together to address the barriers to equitable care.

Live through this also deliver custom programmes, resources or talks, you can email them with your requirements at

The booklet will also be updated in line with any new information or developments within the field of LGBTIQ+ cancer health and care. This is Version 1. You can be notified of the publication of any updates to this document or additional resources by registering for the mailing list which can be found on the website.

Download the provider pack here.