Sex and prostate cancer (post ADT)

Martin Wells was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007. Since that time his cancer has progressed and he was prescribed androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). This is a hormone treatment that suppresses the body’s natural testosterone to stop the cancer growing. Side effects include a loss of sexual desire and loss of sexual function.

“When my testosterone was artificially suppressed, I realised that if I worked really, really hard at it, I can still connect in a sensual way with a loving partner. But if I want the same kind of results, I really have to put some work in…So when my own sexuality really died down with my testosterone suppressed, my eyes opened up to alternatives. Not only did I discover my own sensuality, but I found other people who were into sensuality and sharing that with me. It was a revelation. And this opened the pathway to my current long term relationship.”

Martin is also a founder of the UK support group Out with Prostate Cancer.

Martin tells his story ” What can happen to sex after ADT” on the website Recovering Man.