What I’ve learnt as a gay man with blood cancer

In this story from Blood Cancer UK, Scott explains the benefits of honest communication about your life, health and sexuality when you’re diagnosed with blood cancer.

I have been out and proud for 24 years. Indeed my husband, Tris, and I have worked together in LGBT+ media for over two decades, so we never hide our sexuality.

That helped from the outset. It meant he was with me when I received my diagnosis – likely the worst day of anybody’s life. Having someone with you for those crucial appointments is not just about the comfort they bring. They also take in information far better than you will when your head is spinning and help you make sense of what the doctors tell you.

On that first day I noticed that several of the hospital staff were wearing LGBT+ rainbow lanyards, including the nurse giving me my bone marrow biopsy. If you ever doubted the value of symbols like that, let me tell you how reassuring it can be in those dark moments. For me, those colours meant everyone would be treated with respect – LGBT+ or not.

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