Caregiving and sarcoma

Arialle is a lesbian caregiver for her wife Tara. They met when they were studying sociology at the University of Georgia and have been together nearly 8 years and married in 2019

Arialle was diagnosed with stage IV uterine sarcoma & lung metastases in December 2022. She is being treated with GemTax chemo & having regular follow-up scans. Her diagnosis story is shared here.

Tara is sharing snippets of Arialle’s journey and some of her experiences as a caregiver through IG. She states that she is using the platform to grow her caregiver network and to post about things related to being a cancer caregiver in general and the struggles faced specifically as a queer couple. Tara also shares book recommendations & other resources for caregivers plus information about sarcoma – follow Tara (@queercancercaregiver) for more. Arialle (@akcrabtr) has shared some important context about her diagnosis in a highlight on her IG too – we recommend checking it out.

Being queer is wonderful, but it can also make navigating relationships and institutions difficult. While cancer is horrible for all patients and loved ones, there are unique challenges and struggles faced by queer people related to health care, identity, and support.