The Cancer Hive (Issue 4)

Fruit Fly Collective is a company that brings together science, technology, and the arts to support families and to improve communications and the understanding of cancer. They have produced 4 issues of The Cancer Hive, an online journal collection and rich resource to help minimize the isolation a person feels as they navigate the cancer landscape. Issue 4 is “Sex, Gender and Body Image” and it explores narratives and artwork that focus on how cancer can affect body image, what impact cancer can have on people’s sexuality and sex lives, and how gendered our healthcare system is.

The whole journal is worth reading but two pieces specifically relate to the LGBTQ cancer experience:

  • Coming Out with Cancer” – Stewart’s experiences with cancer and how they led him to create a safe space for LGBT patients, The UK charity Live Through This (p. 42).
  • Roman and Charlie” – Their zine (below) highlights how gendered healthcare impacts all people, and not just transgender people, even though it may impact trans patients differently and more drastically (p. 45).


Read the full issue here